Friday, August 31, 2012

More August Photographs

I'm almost caught up sharing my photographs with you on this Blog. I got behind, but I finally found some times to get them uploaded.

All of these were captured using a Samsung NX200.
California Desert Sunrise - Mojave, California
Old Randsburg Cutoff - Mojave, California
The image above and below show a small section of the Randsburg Cutoff that is abandoned. This road was originally constructed in 1898 and provided a direct route between Mojave and Randsburg, two growing mining towns. The alignment of the old road you see pictured here was constructed sometime in the 1960's and abandoned in the late 1990's. Much of the Randsburg Cutoff still exists and can be driven on, although much of it is dirt and some parts are not maintained. 
Old Mileage Marker - Mojave, California
Broken Road - Tehachapi, California
The photograph above and the three below are of old U.S. Highway 466. While the highway was decommissioned in 1964, large chunks of the old Highway exist and are still in use. Where these photographs were captured, the old highway dead-ends at someone's private property. A recent fire destroyed an old bridge, leaving a section closed and unusable. 
Burnt Remnants - Tehachapi, California
Do Not Pass - Tehachapi, California
Burnt Bridge - Tehachapi, California
Four Old Fence Posts - Tehachapi, California
Winged Nut - Hesperia, California
Two Wrenches - Hesperia, California
Ball Defying Gravity - Hesperia, California
It took 33 tries to capture this image. When you have vision, you know what it is you wish to create and then you go about doing it. If I had stopped short of capturing exactly what I wanted, or if I simply didn't know what I wanted, I wouldn't have this photograph. 
System of Nerves - Hesperia, California
I was just messing around with some glow sticks in a dark room. This was a 30 second exposure.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Photographs

As usual, I'm behind sharing my photographs with you here on this Blog. There are so many images that I need to upload. Well, here are some of them!

These photographs, which were captured using a Samsung NX200 (except for two, which were captured using a Samsung Galaxy S cell phone), are from the last 48 hours. I did not do any special photography outings. I just had a few minutes here and there and a camera nearby.
Circus Streak - Tehachapi, California
No tripod was used or needed for this 30 second exposure of the Ringling Brothers train.
Forgotten Memories - Rosamond, California
Desert Storm - Rosamond, California
Captured with a cell phone camera.
Joshua Forest - Rosamond, California
Mojave Afternoon - Rosamond, California
A Landscape Destroyed - Rosamond, California
It's ridiculous how much trash people dump in the desert. 
Praying For Rain - Rosamond, California
Highway 14 Grade Crossing - Mojave, California
Captured using a cell phone camera.
What Lies Ahead - Tehachapi, California
Wind Work - Tehachapi, California
Tehachapi Hills - Tehachapi, California
The Old Road To New Progress - Tehachapi, California
Desert Mountain - Tehachapi, California
Yellow Peek - Tehachapi, California
Sunflower - Tehachapi, California
Two Suns - Tehachapi, California
Industrial Dust - Tehachapi, California
Shadow Thought - Tehachapi, California

Thought Of The Day: Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute

I really dislike it when people dump their trash out in nature. Some people think that the world is their dumpster.

Some great scenes are ruined by trash that some careless person decided didn't need to be disposed of properly. It gets in the way of my photography. It gets in the way of beauty.
Trash In The Desert - Rosamond, California
I captured the above image last year. It's a beautiful desert, but ruined by someone's garbage. The scene was actually pretty (aside from the trash), but that's not how I felt after seeing this mess. So I created the photograph to show my feelings towards the nonsense.

Yesterday, I photographed a location not far from where the above image was captured, and it was also covered in trash. Again, it was a beautiful location in the Mojave Desert, but it was destroyed by someone's unwanted junk.

There is no excuse for this. Even if you cannot afford home trash pickup or a trip to the dump (which almost everyone and anyone can afford), there are dumpsters all over the place. Find someplace other than nature to put you garbage.

Give a hoot, don't pollute. Please.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Five Recent Photographs

I've been really busy lately. It's been difficult to get everything on the to-do list done. Sometimes that spills over to this Blog, and I don't update it as often as I would like. This is one of those times.

Here are five photographs I've captured recently--enjoy! All were captured using a Samsung NX200. I can't say enough about the NX200, which produces great quality images in a reasonably priced camera that is small and light weight.
Three BNSF Boxcars - Tehachapi, California
Historic Downtown Tehachapi Water Tower - Tehachapi, California
Girl On Swing - Tehachapi, California
Eyeglass Sunset - Tehachapi, California
Smokey Sunset - Tehachapi, California

Monday, August 27, 2012

Phoneography, Part 13: Use What Camera You Have

People tell me often that equipment is important. People tell me that you need certain cameras and lenses and software to be a successful photographer.

All of that is nonsense. Creativity is far more important than equipment. Vision is most important.

Cell phone cameras are more than capable photographic tools. Don't let someone who thinks the camera is most important tell you that what you are using is somehow inferior. You can create significantly better images with a cell phone and your imagination than someone who has a Nikon D800 and no imagination.

Here are some recent images that I captured and post-processed using my Samsung Galaxy S.
Rain Water - Tehachapi, California
Monsoon Over The Desert - Lancaster, California
Monolith Summer - Tehachapi, California
Evening of Childhood - Tehachapi, California
141 Lines - Tehachapi, California
Tracks To Sundown - Tehachapi, California
Dusk Sky And Tree - Tehachapi, California
When Daylight Sleeps - Tehachapi, California
Dusk Sky - Tehachapi, California
Artificial - Tehachapi, California
Classic Girl - Stallion Springs, California

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Be Careful! Bride Drowns In Her Wedding Dress.

Did you hear about this? A woman drowns while being photographed in her wedding dress. "The water wasn't particularly deep or turbulent," The Canadian Press reported. The weight of the water as it soaked into the dress was the problem. The photographer tried to help, but it was too late.

It's a very sad and unfortunate story.

The take-away from this for photographers is to be careful. Please use caution! While photography isn't typically thought of as dangerous, photographers will often take a risk to get the shot.

Man At Shoshone Point - Grand Canyon, Arizona
It is more important to stay healthy and alive than to capture an image. It is even more important to keep your clients healthy and alive. It's always a good idea to consider the potential hazards of the location prior to pulling out your camera.
Destroyed By Fire - Victorville, California
Look out for yourself. Look out for those around you. Look out for your clients. Don't take too many risks. Keep yourself alive. Keep your clients alive.

Be careful!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thought Of The Day: Use What Camera You Already Have

I said last week that your camera doesn't matter, ever. And that is the truth.

Here is another truth: a new camera or lens or editing software will never make you a better photographer. It might make it a little easier to achieve what you are trying to do, but it will never make you better.
Horse - Onyx, California
Camera companies and camera stores want you to believe that you need to "upgrade" to the newest thing on the market. It's faster, smarter, shinier, better. Yes, digital technology changes quickly--if it's newer then it is probably slightly better in some way. But that still won't make you a better photographer.


Because photography is about vision and nothing else.

Instead of spending time and money on new equipment, spend that time and money learning how to make better photographs. That will improve your photography.

The image above was captured using a Holga camera. If you are unfamiliar with Holga, it's a cheap and simple camera from China. It's the complete opposite of a new DSLR, yet it can be used to create great photographs in the hands of a skilled photographer.